apple is crap because it allows people to think they are better than you because they just wasted thousands of dollars on something that isn't even good.
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People also think apple is crap because it:
got millions of brainless followers buying every new product [crap good]
too expensive [crap good]
is not as good as a PC [crap good]
has a fanebase that praises themself to heaven. [crap good]
uses a factory in china known for it's suicide and it's suicide nets(foxconn) [crap good]
is elitist about file formatting [crap good]
is useless overpriced piece of sh*t [crap good]
makes products for drooling knuckledraggers. Rich, drooling, knuckledraggers [crap good]
it's followers are rebellious starbucks-drinking hipsters [crap good]
Overpriced and a rip off [crap good]
is overpriced [crap good]
lacks gaming potential. [crap good]
replaces its OS every two years and you have to upgrade to use most apple software [crap good]
use Safari as default browser and that do suck [crap good]
is mostly water with little taste and becomes rotten quickly [crap good]
is just a marketing company [crap good]
clearly can't be bother to pay software testers [crap good]
takes the piss when trying to register for facetime [crap good]
spies on you just like google [crap good]
updates and makes everything stop working [crap good]
designs their cables to break so the suckers who buy them have to buy more overpriced cables and can't use a standard usb plug [crap good]
steals all our money and gives us s@*# [crap good]
puts the lotion in the basket. [crap good]
is gayer than its ceo [crap good]
makes cheap s*** and charges £600 for it(WTF) [crap good]
is a cuck [crap good]
makes phones worse than nokia bricks [crap good]
prioritizes appearance over all else, then charges you way too much for underpowered hardware. [crap good]
is not yellow [crap good]
tastes sour [crap good]
JK, its not!!!!!!! apples awesome [crap good]